Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Problems with radio ratings...?

Can't say I know much about the radio ratings, except to take a cursory look when they appear in the paper and trades, but there seems to be some growing concern brewing in the industry. And when you think about it...formats have been shelved, changes have been made, and careers have been stunted....all based on the science (art?) of the radio ratings system.

A week or so ago this article appeared:

Did Nielsen Kill The Radio Star?

"Industry pros are asking if Nielsen botched radio ratings — and inadvertently forced stations off the air."

Then this article appeared from the consultant Fred Jacobs:

"Voltaire? Do you mean the French philosopher?”

"Like talking politics at a dinner party, this topic about radio ratings on steroids is something that many broadcasters are tied up in knots about. And for good reason."

If you ever wonder how decisions are made (Or maybe you've wondered why you can't hear your favorite music on the air anymore?)  File under: "Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm....."

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