Saturday, August 27, 2016


More on John Dennis leaving WEEI.....

John Dennis left the Dennis and Callahan Show after an almost 20 year run. NewsCenter 5's Maria Stephanos met up with Dennis to ask what happened, and what happens next? Listen to Maria asking him questions, and him not giving many answers. What a disappointment this interview was. He obviously wanted to talk, and invited Maria to ask questions....but he didn't really answer any. A let down from Maria.... Watch for yourself. John Dennis on leaving popular show: What happened and what's next?

It's a shame WEEI chose Minihane over Dennis. Ratings will drop, as people will migrate over to 98.5 in the mornings, as Minihane's act negatively affects the show. Minihane appeals to the shock-jock/lives in mom's basement crowd. I cannot understand why WEEI management cannot see that if they kept Dennis instead, the large number of listeners that would return from 98.5.
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