Friday, July 01, 2016


Bob Crane’s Audio Letter To Cousin Jim Senich – 1963

Many people know that Bob Crane (Col. Hogan of Hogan's Heroes') was in radio before he became the famous prisoner of war on the popular sitcom.  

This is an audio letter he sent to his cousin, broadcaster Jim Senich, who was looking for some support and insight from his older and more successful cousin about the radio industry.

Funny, in 1963, he touches on things we still hear about today.  The DJ who has self-doubts, feels underutilized and worries about the trajectory of his career.  Bob Crane talks about getting experience, being flexible, and how he listens to other jocks around the country.

Fascinating to me was how he discovered talking over intro's of songs...after hearing a guy in Cleveland doing it.  

Good stuff!  ;-)

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