Monday, March 07, 2016


Remembering WVCA.....

Radio Station "tribute pages" are everywhere, and the web is a perfect way to immortalize your favorite station from the past.

WVCA-FM in Gloucester was a "one man station" owned  and operated by Simon Geller.  Much has been said about Geller, his personality, and his inimitable voice ("Double-ya Vee as in Victah - See - Ay...Glawstah"), and the quirky North Shore FM that broadcast mono classical music (old enough that the copyright protections had expired and were now in the public domain, of course!)

Bob Philpott and Henry Ferrini have put some effort into an online version of WVCA, complete with airchecks, photos, bio, some articles, writings about Simon Geller, and some old tapes for your listening enjoyment!

Welcome to  
 "The Voice of Cape Ann"


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