Monday, January 11, 2016


An old tape of....WMEX 1963

You never know what you are going to find on YouTube....Here's a tape of 1510AM WMEX in 1963....with Arnie "woo-woo" Ginsberg!

Not sure who uploaded this, but they wrote as a description:

If you want to know what 60's radio was like, play this. I was going through my Reel to Reel tapes, and I found this. I'm not quite sure if I got the year right, but I think that's what I heard on the other side of the tape. I've had to cut the music short to avoid copyright issues and get the video short enough for YouTube. The quality isn't too good, there's drop-outs and distortion in places. I don't know who recorded it, or what machine they used, but I'm sure it was recorded in the US, so how it got here I don't know. 

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