Saturday, November 21, 2015



In addition to its virtual implosion of its bedrock conservative AM talk stations, Cumulus’ dramatic decline in numbers is meaningful because the Citadel acquisition made the company highly leveraged with $2.23 billion of debt.

Larry Gifford's podcast Radio Stuff has the best explanation of what happened to Cumulus, the mistakes, missteps and how ego brought about the decimation of once great stations.

You will enjoy this historic look at how bad management brought down the company.

Monday, November 16, 2015


The First FM Construction permit was issued to....W1XOJ Boston!

The first FM Construction Permit was issued to W1XOJ at 42 Mhz on your FM Dial!

What?  Your dial doesn't have a 42 on it?  ;-)

You can read more about the birth of FM and hear an audio recording from 1941 in this interesting article:

  That Was Then: W1XOJ Boston
"On Aug. 18, 1937, the FCC issued the first FM construction permit to W1XOJ, Boston. The station signed on in 1941 as WGTR."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Glenn returns and explains his cancer scare, 11-09-15

Glenn Ordway returns to the studio and explains his Cancer scare....

Glenn returns and explains his cancer scare, 11-09-15

Monday, November 09, 2015


Does the public know what programs are infomercials?

I've always had a problem with infomercials.   While I know they are something that is inevitable in today's broadcasting environment, I think there is a line not to be crossed.

 I don't have a problem with CNBC using weekend overnight time to run Time/Life commercials.

 The problem is there is a lot of programming that the public does not know is actually an infomercial  .Is the Phantom Gourmet a "paid program"? (I don't know, does the audience? Is it even on the air anymore?). Are they paid for the reviews they air? Do those that pay get good reviews and nice things said about them? The public should know.

 A few years back, the talk stations decided they would sell weekend time to infomercials. WTKK did it, WBZ did it...and WRKO as well. Mostly financial shows (where the magic word is "annuities" and "irrevocable trusts".) Some are better than others. But, again, there is not a clear distinction that the show is a "paid program. The main reason for it's existence is not ratings, or to serve the public with professional advice, but to be marketing and create clientele for the host.

 The Globe had this pretty thorough article.

  Financial radio shows blur line between advice, marketing

“They [financial advisers] buy the time in order to sell their services,” Simon said. “Radio stations tend not to be very well-equipped to investigate, nor do radio stations necessarily want to investigate as much as they want the check to clear.”

Monday, November 02, 2015


WJOB/WJTO..The original one-man band! ;-)

Yes, it's the one and only original one-man band!  That's one way to describe Bob Bittner's WJIB and WJTO.

Many people have a dream of running their own radio station, and Bob does a pretty good job of it considering he is the only employee!

The Press Herald had this article about Bob Bittners stations...

Broadcasting musical memories – and a bit of politics, too  
"Radio man Bob Bittner, with help from generous listeners, creates an eclectic playlist on WJIB and WJTO, the 'Memories Stations.'"  

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