Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hoping to get 'Voice of Cape Ann' back on the air...

Double-ya Vee as in Victah - See - Ay...Glawstah!

Many people have memories about Simon Geller and WVCA in Gloucester.  A one-man radio station that Simon Geller put on the air himself.  The stories abound, from his strange accent ("Glawstah"), to his turning the station off for a dentist appointment.  

Some folks are looking to build an online tribute to Simon Geller's WVCA.  

Hoping to get Voice of Cape Ann back on the air

"The little station was known as the “Voice of Cape Ann.” From the mid-1960s well into the ’80s, the only “voice” listeners heard on Gloucester’s all-classical WVCA-FM was the dyspeptic muttering of the late Simon Geller, a one-man show who sometimes broadcast from his own apartment."

Thanks for posting this. I just wanted to say that this project is very much alive and moving forward. We have over 600 hours of programming converted, and hope to have Simon back "on the air" (albeit on-line) soon.

Bob Philpot
I'm happy to announce that the project is complete and we are now streaming on
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