Thursday, March 13, 2014


Mike Salk leaves WEEI....

I swear, WEEI has got to be in a state of constant metamorphosis.

Who'd coming, who's going, who's getting who's shift, who might be hired back

This news yesterday:

 Mike Salk leaves WEEI

(I get the impression that Salk didn't know what he was walking into when he left Seattle for Boston.) 

Mike Salk's voice sounds like slyvester the cat. A failure to talk without a lisp sunk his ship. He annoyed me. He had impared logic. Otherwise, I never thought about him, did not care about his opinion on anything.
I stopped listening when Glen Ordway was let go.Salk was horrible.

Reminds me of when they had David Lee Roth to replace Howard Stern on CBS stations....

Very difficult to replace someone who had a big presence and big personality.
WEEI should clean house. Get rid of D&C in the morning and simply "start over." How much longer can they let the Sports Hub kick their butt?

Andy in AZ
Salk was a gigantic boreen. A boreen is a bore, the person who you hate to see corner you at a party.
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