Monday, March 31, 2014


Community radio on Martha's Vinyard.....

Mvyradio is based in small house in Vineyard Haven. The online station could be back on the airwaves in May.

WMVY was a heavily involved local community radio station on Martha's Vinyard, heavily involed with island life. In 2007, after losing money for years, WMVY sold it's over-the-air signal to WBUR.

However, they continued to keep the station alive and well and somewhat intact as an online station, MVYRadio. the online station, now known as MYVRadio is now preparing to take over WMEX 88.7 FM in Edgartown. The signal should cover the island quite well. 

  Eclectic Martha’s Vineyard radio station hopes to regain an over-the-air signal  
Wmvyradio is awaiting approval to buy a new FM signal, putting it back on the air on the Vineyard

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Committee files petition asking FCC to deny renewal of WGBH-FM broadcast license

I guess this is an excercise in futility and passion. Maybe simply to get attention. Even the person behind the petition aknowledges that he has no chance of stopping the renewal.  

Committee files petition asking FCC to deny renewal of WGBH-FM broadcast license

Jack Bernstein, CCA’s co-founder, told the Globe that he expects the requests to be turned down, but he and his supporters still hope WGBH will reconsider the current music programming options.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Mike Salk leaves WEEI....

I swear, WEEI has got to be in a state of constant metamorphosis.

Who'd coming, who's going, who's getting who's shift, who might be hired back

This news yesterday:

 Mike Salk leaves WEEI

(I get the impression that Salk didn't know what he was walking into when he left Seattle for Boston.) 

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