Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Joe Martelle...Author!

Many people remember Joe Martelle from his "Saturday night Live at the Oldies" show on the old WROR 98.5. 

He also did a stint at WROR 105.7 as well as spending some time in Florida and Texas.

He now has a book out, that you might enjoy. 

         Radio Pro: The Making of an On-Air Personality and What It Takes

Here is an interview he did with All Access:

Monday, October 21, 2013


At WERS "Rockers" and "88.9 at Night" are gone...

This happened around Labor Day so you might have already heard about Emerson' College's WERS-FM eliminating the longtime evening programs Rockers and 88.9 at Night.

This follows a move earlier by the station to streamline it's daytime programming to a consistent AAA Format.

With WERS cuts, urban music community loses major platform

Also, in the news at WERS is the addition of a professional (non-student) to the staff to help anchor the morning show.  Boston radio veteran George Knight was added to the staff. 

Thursday, October 03, 2013


The State of the Disc Jockey.....

This was an intriguing article that ran in RadioInfo.  Radio folks have constantly analyzed, bickered, bemoaned, predicated the changing role of the Disc Jockey.

I think you will enjoy the thoughts presented here, and some of the comments by DJ's you have affection for. 
If you like this article, let me know!

The State of the Disc Jockey

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