Saturday, September 14, 2013



There was a time when the Red Sox were winning, and WEEI was the only sports station in town.  Ah, yes...the good old days!  ;-)  Some will say that during this period WEEI got fat and lazy. 

That was then, and this is now.  A new competitor, 98.5 The Sports Hub came onto the scene on the FM band with access to better demographics, hosts who did not pride themselves in being obnoxious, and a better signal.

WEEI counters by moving to FM as well...but on the sub-par 93.7 signal.  The do some schedule shifts and some management changes.  Yet, they are still can't succeed in beating back The Sports Hub 98.5.

Was there really anything WEEI could have done to maintain the lead?  Would an earlier move to 93.7 have kept 98.5 The Sports Hub from taking the lead?  Or better yet, kept them from coming on the air?

Who knows.  But there are plenty of people with opinions, and in true sports talk fashion, debateing, and Monday morning quarterbacking. 

Callum Borchers wrote this column in the Globe.

 Questionable moves hamper once-dominant WEEI

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