Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Pirate Radio, and Elections....

Many have followed the story of  "Touch 106.1 FM", the unlicensed station causing many to refer to it as a "pirate station". 

Although the staff and 'owner' of the station insist on telling people they are a legitimate low-power FM operation, they have no license, and the call signs they use from a station in Wisconsin.  They have also been cited more than once by the FCC for operating without a valid license.  There are many other concerns of interference and taxes, etc. 

Charles Clemons who tells people he is the owner of the station is currently running for Mayor of Boston.  This opens up another issue for unlicensed/pirate/community/undocumented/illegal stations.  Most licensed legitimate operations abide by a whole slew of rules about election coverage and the sale of advertising time.

Now Mr. Clemons is using the airwaves of Touch 106.1 and addressing issues....as a candidate.  Do other candidates have the same access?  That being said, the licensed stations appear to be doing nothing to address and cover the upcoming election.  WILD 1090AM used to address community issues, but now it is being parked as a relay for China Radio International!

Also to note, this is the first time The Boston Globe has referred to the station as unlicensed and operating illegally. 

Putting mayor’s race on community airwaves

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