Sunday, September 22, 2013


Lanching a great radio station - WRKO.

I came across this article online that I don't think many people have read..  It chronicles the launch of WRKO in 1967 from someone who was there, Mel Philips.  I am not sure how much of the article is he has inserted some memos and news clippings, etc.

This documents from the the planning stages and right up through it's first year on the air.  It's amazing to see how meticulous they were in planning end executing.  The initial memo describing what the station should sound like is pretty amazing.  And it paid off in the ratings with the cliche' "worst to first"!

There are some memories of the old Yankee Network and it's demise.  There is a LOT about the first staffing of WRKO.  

(Note: I know people's memories are kinda foggy at this point, but I came across a couple of inconsistencies.  The article states that Arnie Ginsberg never made it onto the air at WRKO due to both, his non-compete with WMEX....and the technicians strike.  Although there is a note at the end of the article from Chuck Knapp saying that he remembers following Arnie.  Anyone know?  I suppose Arnie Ginsberg would be the only real source to believe at this point.)  

(Link to article below is in PDF format.)


Too bad wrko turned into the
right-wing Bung Hole of Boston.
As a talk station, it has always been right-wing. (Even when it was a good talk station.)
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