Friday, June 07, 2013


The Ratings Bomb...or the Bomb Ratings?

Wondering how the radio ratings were in response to the Marathon bombing?

InsideRadio had this piece...

Slow ratings build in Boston from bombings

"Boston’s news outlets got a big spike in April when the Patriot’s Day bombings shocked the market. But an analysis by the Radio Research Consortium shows it wasn’t a one-day lift. Instead listening levels grew as the story developed through the week."

I'm a New Englander (Southern NH) who is now retired in Southern AZ. I grew up listening to Boston radio and still do my best to do so with various web options. I also like to keep up with the local radio scene and enjoy your blog. Just wished you posted more often!

Hi Andy! Thanks for the comments. I try to post when I can, although sometimes life gets ahead of me, and I have to put other things first. ;-) Raccoon used to help with posts about talkradio and AM. I would love to have another person who understands rock and CHR post here as well. I'll try to keep this blog more active! -Keith
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