Thursday, May 16, 2013


Live and Local Community Radio! It still exists....

And it exists in Marshfield.

WATD is one of the last local ownership community stations that still values local news coverage.  From what I can see the station is always live.

Ed Perry is a colorful character with a history in New England radio.  He is to be commended for keeping WATD relevant and serving the people in it's city of license.

The Globe had this article highlighting Ed Perry and WATD.

Community is top news at family-run WATD

Here is a better link:
What was wrong with the link in the post? Came up fine for me...
I think there should be more community radio stations it helps build bridges and is something for to help the community have a say.
Hey Boston blogger, could you make a mention of the new Boston/New England Radio & TV Forum at

It's still in the "teething" stages.. but its parent forum's Midwest boards are very active. It is a very good alternative to Radio Discussions and the lists.
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