Friday, April 05, 2013


Was Ed Walsh a DJ at WROR?

This aircheck is labeled 1978. Sounds like winter, with the sports, weather and ski reports. Ed Walsh, noted Boston newsman at WBZ & WRKO (and some time at WOR in NYC), is on WROR 98.5 introducing songs, etc. Yes, he does do a newscast, but it's strange to hear him playing music. (He says he is filling in for Bill Lowell.)
Not sure when he started working on WROR...but within a couple of years he was news director across the hall at WRKO.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Changes at WERS...?

Emerson College is one of the great schools for the performing arts and future broadcasters.

Their radio station WERS has always been a good eclectic mix of programming not heard elsewhere, as well as a good training ground for students.

Some recent and upcoming changes have some in the Emerson community concerned.

Check out this editorial from the the student newspaper The Berkley Beacon. 

With upcoming hire, WERS changes frequency.

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