Wednesday, February 06, 2013


The Return of Jim and Margery.....

Jim and Margery return to the airwaves of Boston. This time at WGBH-FM.

Well, this was a surprise for me for a couple of reasons. I didn't think that Jim and Margery's style of...err, zany, sexy banter would work on public radio. (i.e. "Is it OK for a woman to pay for a couple's Valentine's Day dinner?") I would have guessed that the audience going to WGBH-FM is looking for the more serious and more political. Who knows? ...maybe they will tone it down a bit.

I was also surprised that WGBH-FM has any the resources to pay them. Since their format flip from music to news/public affairs....WGBH hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire as Boston's second NPR news and information station.

I was also under the impression that Jim and Margery had another year to go on their contract with WTKK (of which they expected to be paid). If they are still employees of WTKK, I am surprised they are allowed to take on another job without putting their remaining WTKK salary in jeopardy

Oh well! Tune in Feb 25th to see!

Here are a couple of news stories about it:

Eagan and Braude land at WGBH radio

Braude and Eagan to host WGBH Radio midday show

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