Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ordway out of WEEI...

In another large salary dump for the market, WEEI has parted ways with Glenn Ordway.  This comes on the heels of a recent WEEI focus group, indicating they are making an effort to win back the younger demo that dissappeared when WBZ-FM, 98.5 The Sports Hub went on the air. 

Glenn is being allowed to finish out the week, and has said nothing but nice things about the station since the new came out.  It appears they are departing on somewhat good terms.  (Which usually means a reasonably good payout.) 

Jim & Margery, Michael Graham, Tom Finneran, Pebbles...entire staffs of WTKK, WFNX, WBOS, WODS, almost the whole staff of WROR.  (Are there any jobs left?)  Not to mention the dumping of well know television people in recent years.  It appears radio and TV is deciding that the role of the "personality" is not valued.

Here is some recent coverage of the Ordway situation:

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