Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The Golden Age of Talk Radio....

Ask people about talkradio in Boston, and they will no doubt mention the usual names:  Brudnoy, Williams, Glick, etc. 

Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation was once very active in Boston talkradio.

She recently penned this column foir the Salem News about the glory days of talk radio in Boston.

Anderson: The Golden Age of golden voices

Monday, February 18, 2013


RIP: Joe Morgan

RIP:   Joe Morgan, 67....spent 45 years in radio.   WNBP, WCOP, WRKO, WHDH ...finished his career as WBZ’s traffic helicopter reporter

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ordway out of WEEI...

In another large salary dump for the market, WEEI has parted ways with Glenn Ordway.  This comes on the heels of a recent WEEI focus group, indicating they are making an effort to win back the younger demo that dissappeared when WBZ-FM, 98.5 The Sports Hub went on the air. 

Glenn is being allowed to finish out the week, and has said nothing but nice things about the station since the new came out.  It appears they are departing on somewhat good terms.  (Which usually means a reasonably good payout.) 

Jim & Margery, Michael Graham, Tom Finneran, Pebbles...entire staffs of WTKK, WFNX, WBOS, WODS, almost the whole staff of WROR.  (Are there any jobs left?)  Not to mention the dumping of well know television people in recent years.  It appears radio and TV is deciding that the role of the "personality" is not valued.

Here is some recent coverage of the Ordway situation:

Monday, February 11, 2013


Want to Know What Goes on in a Focus Group?

Focus Groups are usually super-secret. Efforts are made to make sure no one from a competing station gets into one, to either munge the results, or to bring what was learned back to their own station.

The Globe's Chadd Finn somehow got insight into a recent WEEI focus group.

While the picture above is not of the WEEI focus group, it shows how they are typically set-up. People around a table, with a leader (working for a research company) looking for "unaided responses". Like the picture above, there is often a 2-way mirror, where executives from the product company (in this case the radio station) would sit and monitor the responses.

Much effort goes into making sure the invited guests/participants are part of the demographic group the company is trying to reach.

As is stated in the article, the people at the WEEI focus group were younger than one might have thought, obviously an effort by WEEI to learn what would bring younger listeners to WEEI and not WBZ-FM.

It is my understanding that WEEI has a (much?) older demographic that WBZ-FM. Probably due to their original position on AM?

(Let me know if this link gives you trouble.)

WEEI convenes focus group of Sport Hub listeners

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


The Return of Jim and Margery.....

Jim and Margery return to the airwaves of Boston. This time at WGBH-FM.

Well, this was a surprise for me for a couple of reasons. I didn't think that Jim and Margery's style of...err, zany, sexy banter would work on public radio. (i.e. "Is it OK for a woman to pay for a couple's Valentine's Day dinner?") I would have guessed that the audience going to WGBH-FM is looking for the more serious and more political. Who knows? ...maybe they will tone it down a bit.

I was also surprised that WGBH-FM has any the resources to pay them. Since their format flip from music to news/public affairs....WGBH hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire as Boston's second NPR news and information station.

I was also under the impression that Jim and Margery had another year to go on their contract with WTKK (of which they expected to be paid). If they are still employees of WTKK, I am surprised they are allowed to take on another job without putting their remaining WTKK salary in jeopardy

Oh well! Tune in Feb 25th to see!

Here are a couple of news stories about it:

Eagan and Braude land at WGBH radio

Braude and Eagan to host WGBH Radio midday show

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Who Says College Radio is Dead...?

We have been hearing that stations on college campus' are going un-staffed, and in some cases have turned in their licenses due to lack of interest among students. (WBMT, WMMC, etc.)

BU's AM carrier current station WTBU looks like it is going strong!

It recently won the honor of being named "College Station of the Year".

Here is a recent article about the station:

WTBU Snags College Radio Station of the Year Honors (Link fixed)

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