Saturday, March 24, 2012


Lisa Garvey exits The River and is interviewed by Matty on Kiss....

Lisa Garvey, popular DJ at WXRV, The River, was let go in classic radio the middle of her air shift! (Classy, huh?)This must confirm the nutty stories I hear out of that Haverhill ....errrr.....ahndovah station!.

Radio host Lisa Garvey is out at WXRV The River

She then went on the air with Matty on Kiss 108 to talk about it...

Did she really talk about it? Another self serving, backing slapping, "it is all about me" interview by Matty. I realize she may be "bound" to not say anything...couldn't have Matty probed a little more? Asked if any incidents led up to the surprise? Just confirms my choice to not listen to the #1 morning show ...find it unlistenable and annoying.
What should he have asked?

What was left for her to say?

I think they both addressed it professionally.
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