Monday, March 12, 2012


Limbaugh losing stations?

Apparently WBEC in Pittsfield....a 1,000 watt station licensed by an individual owner has decided to stop carrying Rush Limbaugh's show. (The AM station doesn't even have it's own website, instead piggbacking on their FM's webpage.))

At the same time WXKS in Boston, WHYN in Springfield, WTAG in Worcester, WXTK on the Cape, WGIR in Manchester have ALL decided to KEEP AIRING Rush's show.

One single (small) station decides to drop Limbaugh and it's a big New England story? It was on's first page, the front business page of the Globe and on the local TV news as well.)

Can we keep some perspective on this?

Pittsfield station dumps Rush Limbaugh

Rush has THE highest rating in the country and has held this honor for years. I would also mention that talk programs saved radio from certain demise in the late 1980's and into the 1990's. The AM stations would mostly be gone had it not been for the talk radio revolution.
**Rush has THE highest rating in the country and has held this honor for years.**

Ummm....what's your source for this. I don't think this is true.
Some of the commentaries regarding what insiders call the "cume" have pointed out that Arbitron does NOT offer national ratings for talk shows, or any other formats for that matter. The multi-million-listener figure is guesswork by Talkers Magazine. Numerous stations that carry Rush's show are 5,000-watts or less AM stations operating from 1220 up thru 1600 or maybe X-band, and virtually never show up in the higher reaches of Arbitron ratings.
Many Rush affiliates are 50,000 watts. A new Fargo FM is 96,000 watts. Rush is paid over $50 million per year by CC/Premiere and must be justifying that with huge ad dollars. Talkers is indeed where the figure on weekly cume comes from, true. Among Rush's affiliates: WGY AM/FM, WABC, WLS, KFI...Does Ed Schultz or Stephanie Miller get a salary like Rush does? Can they boast as many HUGE affiliates?
He has lost a couple more, one being 50kW WPHT, 1210 AM. The station used the opportunity to go all-local, which is a good thing. Michael Smrkonish is also a conservative hater but, as long as the audience prefers hate (that includes liberal talk as well), that's what we're gonna get. Which us why I listen to NPR. No endless scam commercials, no screaming, and you get more details and viewpoints from ALL sides. Those that feel otherwise simply haven't listened for a day or two.
I don't think the WPHT situation had anything to do with the so-called 'boycott'....
**Michael Smrkonish is also a conservative hater but***

You'd be one of the first people to peg Smerconish as a conservative. He's very independent thinker. Liberal on some stuff....conservative on other stuff.

**as long as the audience prefers hate**

No, they don't prefer "hate"...that's your word. They DO prefer conservatives. That's why conservatives do better.

**Which us why I listen to NPR.**

Well for someone who is Liberal...thats great!

**No endless scam commercials..**

But there are Endless beg-a-thons.

**no screaming, and you get more details**

Funny that you don't hear a Liberal bias on NPR.
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