Monday, March 26, 2012


Acadia extends it's line of radio history...

You may have heard about Donna Halpers great book on Boston radio history.

The publisher, Acadia books, is extending their reach with some book on other radio markets that might interest you.

Arcadia Plugs Into Radio History

I know some of these would be of interest to some readers of the Boston Radio Blog, especially the one about the Hartford radio.

Here is a list of some of their offerings...

Images of America: Radio History

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Lisa Garvey exits The River and is interviewed by Matty on Kiss....

Lisa Garvey, popular DJ at WXRV, The River, was let go in classic radio the middle of her air shift! (Classy, huh?)This must confirm the nutty stories I hear out of that Haverhill ....errrr.....ahndovah station!.

Radio host Lisa Garvey is out at WXRV The River

She then went on the air with Matty on Kiss 108 to talk about it...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


RIP: Tony Cennamo

Tony Cennamo, jazz DJ, dies at 76

Monday, March 12, 2012


Limbaugh losing stations?

Apparently WBEC in Pittsfield....a 1,000 watt station licensed by an individual owner has decided to stop carrying Rush Limbaugh's show. (The AM station doesn't even have it's own website, instead piggbacking on their FM's webpage.))

At the same time WXKS in Boston, WHYN in Springfield, WTAG in Worcester, WXTK on the Cape, WGIR in Manchester have ALL decided to KEEP AIRING Rush's show.

One single (small) station decides to drop Limbaugh and it's a big New England story? It was on's first page, the front business page of the Globe and on the local TV news as well.)

Can we keep some perspective on this?

Pittsfield station dumps Rush Limbaugh

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