Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Radio 92.9 who?

Here are some comments you might find interesting about WBOS in their recent incarnation from a local listener and media observer Pamela Rosenthal.

Radio 92.9 Who?

So, in the end, the business bots over at Greater Media will pat themselves on the back and say they did the right thing. Some of their previous audience is likely putting up with the new station because it’s close to their preferred format, and they’ve likely got a bunch of new, younger listeners who like a harder sound. The rest of us, well…we just moved on and it worked out great too. So I guess it was a win win after all.

Saturday, December 03, 2011


Ratings for November...

The Boston Ratings for the Month are out. You can find the 6+ numbers....here.

*WEEI's shift to FM is helping...but how much?

*Kiss 108 still dominates every daypart!

*Magic 106.7 seems to be bouncing back a bit.

*WKLB still doing well. (Who said Country could never work in Boston?)

*While WODS and WROR are in Holiday Mode...I don't believe these numbers reflect the switch yet.

The Globe's Johnny Diaz had this artiocle about the growing trend of onetime AM formats moving to FM.

For AM stations, future may be on the FM band

WBZ’s strength, WEEI’s sports programs have delayed the change in Boston, but younger listeners are mostly ignoring the older system

The Globe's Chad Finn wrote this analysis of the first full month (October)of WEEI's FM Simulcast.

High marks for Sports Hub, WEEI in Oct.

One thought on something Chad wrote:

I've generally moved away from reporting on the monthly Arbitron ratings for WEEI and The Sports Hub. The quarterlies are much more relevant and, with a larger base of data, often more revealing.

I am under the impression that radio no longer does "quarterlies"...i.e.Spring, Summer, Fall books....instead, now offering the "book of the month" club. Not sure what he is referring to. Chad?

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