Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Radio Girl from Chicago.....

I came across a great blog/podcast that you might be interested in.

I'm not sure who exactly "Radio Girl" is...but she has done some great interviews with radio folk. Although it is Chicago based, she has interviewed Kevin Metheny (Howard Stern's "pig vomit"), Garry Meier (who used to be paired with Steve Dahl), Lee Abrams (Burkhart Abrams fame)...and many historical people from Chicago Musicradio.

The best part is that the people she interviews have an infectious passion for radio. Even if you don't have any Chicago connection, you might enjoy some of her conversations.

Look at the list on the right of the interview categories. Her podcasts are also available on an RSS feed...and on iTunes.

Radio Girl is WGN freelancer Margaret Larkin
Great interviews....
Thanks for the compliments! I live in Chicago, which explains the dominance of local people, but I'll be interviewing someone in Saint Louis soon, and since I have relatives in Boston, I could go out there and interview people there as well.
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