Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Goodbye Mike-FM...Hello WEEI....FM!

Looks like WEEI will finally get their programming on an FM signal in Boston!

WEEI to begin FM simulcast Monday


I know WEEI has been going thru a lake of self-esteem being on the AM band...while WBZ-FM is on the FM band....and especially with the inroads BZ-FM made recently in the this comes as no surprise really. (The rumors had been flying around for the last year or so...with the last rumor being that they were going to buy the WFNX's 101.7 signal.)

However, we now have ANOTHER music choice gone from the dial!Not only that, we will have TWO stations broadcasting the same exact thing! (850AM and 93.7FM will be simulcasting.) What a waste of a station! This simply means less choice and less variety for the listeners of Boston.We will have 3 full signals devoted to sports programming.

While I understand the desire to put the "spoken word" formats on FM to reach a younger demo that has abandoned AM, I am sad to think that these AM-turned-into-FM formats are using up slots for a musical variety that should be available to listeners in a major market like Boston.

Also, the reason WBZ-FM is doing so well against WEEI is not simply because they are on FM and WEEI isn't. It has something to do with the programming. Content is king! And simply putting the AM programming/content on the FM dial isn't going to do it.

Lastly, 93.7's signal is centered a little North of Boston (actually licensed to Lawrence, with transmitter in Peabody.) It covers a good bunch of New Hampshire, while WBZ-FM's signal is centered over Boston.

It's not that far north of Boston--Peabody is maybe 12-15 mi. north. The signal should still reach much of the area and for those it doesn't, they are also on 1440 in Worc., 103.7 in RI, 105.5 in Easthampton, and 96.3 on Cape Cod.

Yes one less music station but who knows, what if WTKK should drop talk? They could pick up some kind of music format. Besides, sports radio makes money...and that is what the radio BUSINESS is all about.
I don't think there's a chance in hell that WTKK will drop the talk format. They hold the "FM Talk" position...and they are not going to cede that to anyone...
A Save Mike 93.7 Group has already started on Facebook.
Yes more talk on FM but as someone said "talk is moving to FM, music is moving to Ipods".

AM signals unfortunately can really stink. Take it from me--I actually will be able to hear Sox games clearly at work now! FM makes money.
Younger people especially prefer FM.

As for waste of a signal maybe they can make 850 "Mike 850"?

As for variety, Mike did have a little variety but for the most part it was a typical rock hits of the 70s-80s-90s-today station. Billy Idol, U2, Police, Prince,
Springsteen, Aerosmith, etc. That's variety? It can be a good uptempo station, yes, but the "variety hits" was more "hits"
than variety
Format change audio
hate hate hate that they took Mike away. Guess the River will have to take their place on my radio. If you keep moving talk to FM radio, more people will be moving to other formats to listen to music.
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