Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Severin returns!

Severin returns!

On WXKS Talk1200

From the Herald:

Jay Severin talks his way into new gig

From Talk1200's web site/press release:

TALK 1200AM Welcomes Jay Severin

And the Herald's Inside Track...had this:

Jay Severin Talks His Way Into New Gig


And WTKK counters today with lineup shakeup: Jim & Marge 6 am, Doug Meehan at 10, Michael Smerconish noon, M. Graham at 3--to counter Severin--, To Be Announced at 7 etc
IMO... TKK has a death wish. Graham cannot compete with Howie Carr and Doug Meehan sounds like a nice guy, but he's just too vanilla. Boston is a political town. With the topics so far this week, he won't hold people's interest for long. WTKK lost me as a listener on the weekends a while ago. I'm afraid they've now lost me on weekdays, too.
Talk Show Junkie
I'd have to agree and WTKK moving Graham to 3 pm shows they realize what a mistake they made putting Meehan there. Meanwhile, Dan Kennedy is wondering exactly what Graham may have said regarding dwarfism on his Fri show (demanding to hear tape from WTKK). Kennedy, who does the Media Nation blog, has worked for the Boston Phoenix and appeared on Ch 2's Greater Boston/Beat The Press, and is the daughter of a little person.

He wrote about a book about it and is active on the Web regarding short statured people.
I tried.... really tried, but WTKK's mid-day program is just unlistenable. I prefer local talk to syndication, but I guess I'm just going to have to switch to Laura Ingrham. Are they trying to change their format and just broadcast irrelevant radio?
Talk Show Junkie
@TruthadnLanding Where are you moving to and from?
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