Monday, January 31, 2011


Ratings are in....

OK, get out the charts and graphs!

The ratings for Boston's "Holiday" book are in!

Here are the 6+ overall ratings.

Jessica Heslam at the Herald has some insight into the targeted 25-54 demographic.

The Holiday Radio Ratings Rundown

After acknowledging WROR's and WODS's surge due to playing all Christmas music, my initial comment is to note how badly the talk stations are doing in Boston. (Yes, I know December typically isn't a great month for talkradio, but C'mon!)

WTKK is in NINETEENTH place?

WRKO is in TWENTY-THIRD place? (Ties with Emerson's WERS!)

WKXS "RushRadio" AM-1200 has not picked up any traction, even with the top 3 voices in syndicated talkradio (Beck, Hannity & Rush.)

Wasn't Boston a great place for talkradio at one time?

Not a comment on one of the pieces, but I have read little about an unlicensed / pirate Hatian language radio station, broadcasting on 88.5FM. I did a web search and found some site on unlicensed stations that says they are transmitting out of Dedham. Their signal, though strong, is erratic and interferes at times with listening to some local Boston area College FM staions near the bottom of the FM dial. A letter complaining to the FCC a month and a half ago, got a form letter back from them thanking me for the report and saying "they will look into it".
I met a Hatian guy who knew of the station and who thought it was great. I told him Stations have to be licensed in the US. He said in Haiti, you just get a transmitter and start broadcasting. I tried to explain that this was not Haiti, but he still thinks its great and OK. Any experience on how long it takes the FCC to actually act on stations like this one? Their leaky signal is getting annoying, and I think they are using the same frequency of an FM station in Amherst, Mass. I am in Randolph and can get the station into Brockton.
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