Friday, December 10, 2010


Boston's not rushing to listen to "Rush Radio"

Who said that? Not me!!! ;-)

An article on Radio-Info did!

Boston's not rushing to listen to "Rush Radio"

The November/early December PPMs just arrived, and "Rush Radio 1200"s rating and cume have slid even further. At this time of year, WXKS-AM has significant signal problems in morning and evening drive.
Unlike other hosts, Rush has realized that the goal of his program is to entertain and inform. If it's not entertaining, people are going somewhere else on the dial.
Like replacing the skipper on the Titanic, WXKS-AM announced that they have named Paula O'Connor, former PD of WTKK-FM from the inception of FM talk there, as new PD for "Rush Radio 1200". Should Jeff Katz be perusing the want ads?
Is it really like the Titanic....or is it just radio?

No one goes down with the ship...they move onto other "vessels". ;-)

Seems like WXKS AM is a bit of a disappointment for everyone involved.

Come to think about it...can you name me one AM success story in the last 15 years?

The only new station/format that has worked on AM in the last 15 (or so) years has been sports. (And now with sports/talk/news formats moving to FM....WEEI is in trouble.)

Maybe AM is simply beyond hope?
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