Thursday, October 14, 2010


Suburban WCAP charging politicians for on-air interview

There has been some surprise noted in some of the newspapers that WCAP charges politicians for on-air political interviews.

I don't know if this is a big deal or not. Stations have always charged for advertising, mostly :60 & :30 spots. Should it be any different when a station sells time for an interview in a longer form? As long as the station is up front about it.

I know stations are going through a tough time, especially AM stations, especially local suburban stations, especially stations that attempt to be local.

Here is Wicked Local Watertown's story:

Talk radio station charging Massachusetts politicians for interviews

Iannuzzi and the owner of station WCAP, AM 980, say there’s nothing unusual about selling airtime on a weekly talk show, but media critic and Northeastern University journalism professor Dan Kennedy says it sounds unorthodox to him.

I agree. Politicians enjoy more freedoms than the ordinary citizen, as it is, including the right to barrage our phones with political messages, whether live or recorded, at will.

Along this line, I have always wondered why stations - especially networks - have rarely if ever charged authors trying to sell books, when stations are usually in business to sell ads in the first place.

I used to charge for both political time and book-selling time on my shows, and nobody ever complained. Of course, I gave a copy of the shows to the paid guests, so that it might be re-used somewhere else, if desired.
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