Monday, September 13, 2010


WRKO adds informercial in middays...

has cut an hour of Charlie Manning's midday show by one hour, to make room for a 1 hour of purchased air time by Barry Armstrong. (I had heard this was an infomercial where Armstrong buys the time....if that is incorrect please let me know.)

Armstrong owns WBNW, which aired his program as well as on a few other stations. He had a weekend spot on WRKO. Both will come to an end as he concentrates on his WRKO midday hour.

Now Charlie Manning isn't exactly setting the world on fire, so on one hand, who can blame WRKO for making some cash come in the door.....but I think this marks the first time they have an actual infomercial or "paid program" on weekdays during the day.

WRKO’s Manning loses hour to new biz show

Charley Manning is a boring conservative know-nothing.
Lynn you simply hate all conservatives? Do you bash all conservatives?
Lynnrockets, this is a radio blog not a political blog. I notice most of the comments you have posted here all appear to be politically based.

If you can't park your politics at the door before you come...I am going to ask that you refrain from posting.

Got an opinion about radio that doesn't include politics? Feel free to post!
Let's see. Charley Manning has a radio show about politics and I comment that I find him lacking in knowledge and boring. If I cannot comment on the topic of his radio show on this blog, then what is the point of this blog and why are comments solicited? By the way, WRKO must agree with me because they are the ones that are cutting back on Manning's time allotment.
Let's see...

You have commented on no other aspect of radio except politics.

Your attacks are on the individual.

Your comments are all directed to conservative radio personalities.

Your comments are basically all the same.

Again, I am going to ask that you leave your politics at the door. If you can't do that...don't post here.

I think you are smart enough to understand that.

I have never asked anyone not to post...nor have I banned anyone. Please don't be the first.
I have commented on no other aspect of radio because my interests lie in talk radio and all of the talk radio stations in Boston (WTKK, WRKO, WWZN etc.) tend to deal in nothing but politics.

If it is this alleged "radio" blog's intent to limit free speech regarding the content of local radio programming, then fine.

You will not have to ban me. I will no longer comment nor visit this blog and it shall be removed from my recommended bloglist.
No, we don't limit "free speech" we simply want to keep on topic.

Radio content can be good or bad, regardless of the program topic, or the host of the perspective. You seem to be stuck on that somehow.

There is good conservative radio...and good liberal radio. And there is bad in each category as well.

The way radio (and TV, and newspapers, etc) is you take what you like, and ignore what you don't.

If you can't see that, then this blog is not for you.

If your comments are all going to be slams at any programming that doesn't agree with your personal politics (which it seems to be), then this blog is not for you.

If you will notice, my postings on the blog are usually void of any politics.
The reality is that WRKO, as most AM station,s have become or are becoming relics to FM. The original WRKO chose to ignore FM, which is why the station had to flip to News-Talk in 1981.

Infomercials during the formerly-coveted noon hour (a la Rush) are a symptom of stupid management, but moreover, proof of the migration of listeners from AM to FM.
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