Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Tough time for employees at WGBH?

There used to be an anecdotal comment you would hear from time to time....that the "non-profit" and "non-comm" WGBH had more money to spend that the "for profit" media organizations.

Looks like employees at 'GBH are getting hit by the recession as well...

WGBH Asking for Cuts as Contract Talks with Largest Union Begin
Cost savings part of broader overhaul sought by broadcaster

WGBH’s proposed changes reflect ever-increasing pressure on on public broadcasters as sponsorships, donations, and endowments have declined in the down economy. Last year, for example, WGBH cut about two dozen jobs, and implemented wage freezes and unpaid furloughs to reduce costs. Its endowment has fallen from $50 million last year to $28 million. WGBH had 170,000 members this year, on par with last year’s membership.

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