Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Opie and Anthony....(update)

(See update below)

For those following the careers of former WAAF jocks Opie and Anthony, their contract talks with XM are coming down to the deadline.
Opie & Anthony contract talks don't look hopeful>

Everyone knows the current radio landscape has changed. Those who signed for "big bucks" a few years back are getting an "adjustment" to the new marketplace.

Also, now that Sirius and XM have merged, there is no competitor to negotiate against. I don't know what their current salary is now (does anyone know?), but I assume they are making more than they would at a local station in Boston or NYC.

Also, when they originated their current deal, they weren't in the best negotiating position....having had to sit out a non-compete, and the "Sex for Sam" promotional debacle.

They may have to get a painful salary haircut, but I hope they stay on Sirius/XM. It would probably be the best thing for their career.

Update: Complaining all the way, Opie & Anthony renew with Sirius XM at the last instant.

It was 5:40 Friday (10/1) morning, in the case of Opie (Gregg Hughes), who says “as soon as I signed, they ran away like [expletive] rats.” He isn’t happy about the terms (“I'm beyond pissed”). So was this the much-rumored draconian cut in pay, causing him and Anthony Cumia to file for Medicaid? Nope. Opie says the deal is “about the same” as the one that expired last week. His problem is that "the original deal was mediocre, so this is mediocre.” In today’s market, objectively, you’d have to say they probably did just fine. Opie further grumbled on Friday’s show about Sirius XM being “the only game in town”, so the personalities had almost no leverage (“they got all their points, we got nothing”). Anthony signed his own deal late Thursday night, so they’re presumably back on satellite radio’s “Virus” channel for another couple of years – griping about life, and their treatment relative to “the guy down the hall”, meaning Howard Stern. Opie says Stern's “going to be offered a ridiculous amount of money to stay here.”

Monday, September 27, 2010


Trying a survey.....

Actually the above text should say: "Got a second?"

I am posting a survey as a test. There's only one question....so take it! ;-)



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Friday, September 17, 2010


Copyrights and royalties in small private venues...

Here's something to think about this weekend.

It's getting to the point where if you are walking down the street humming a song, someone might pop out of nowhere and ask you to pay a royalty.

Pay to play: Strict enforcement of copyrights jeopardizing live music in small venues

"...in the mid-1990s ASCAP bowed to public outcry after attempting to collect licensing fees from the Girl Scouts for singing campfire songs. (They now charge the scouts a symbolic $1 a year.)"

“The song ‘Happy Birthday’ is covered by copyright. Where do you draw the line?’’


All Catholic WQOM 1060 AM debuts

On September 16, a day after papers were passed, new owners took over
WBIX AM 1060 in Natick. Now they are broadcasting all Catholic radio
as "The Station of the Cross" with sister stations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. They will soon have the call letters WQOM, for "Queen of Mercy".
It was formerly all business news radio.

The station is due to upgrade their day and night power soon with a construction permit. For now, they may be operating at reduced power. On its first day the station featured a recitation of the Rosary and programs like "Calling All Catholics". Ironically enough the station is licensed to Natick, MA, hometown of Boston College football legend Doug Flutie--he of the "Hail Mary" pass!

Monday, September 13, 2010


WRKO adds informercial in middays...

has cut an hour of Charlie Manning's midday show by one hour, to make room for a 1 hour of purchased air time by Barry Armstrong. (I had heard this was an infomercial where Armstrong buys the time....if that is incorrect please let me know.)

Armstrong owns WBNW, which aired his program as well as on a few other stations. He had a weekend spot on WRKO. Both will come to an end as he concentrates on his WRKO midday hour.

Now Charlie Manning isn't exactly setting the world on fire, so on one hand, who can blame WRKO for making some cash come in the door.....but I think this marks the first time they have an actual infomercial or "paid program" on weekdays during the day.

WRKO’s Manning loses hour to new biz show

Monday, September 06, 2010


Interview: Howard Lapides...

Okay, I'm not sure I had heard of Howard Lapides before reading this interview. He worked at WMEX, WEIM, and attended Emerson College.

In this article he tells stories, offers insights and gives advice and has a lot to say about the business.

He's got some great WMEX stories (doesn't everyone?)!

The Grub Street Interview
Howard Lapides: Media Maven

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Tough time for employees at WGBH?

There used to be an anecdotal comment you would hear from time to time....that the "non-profit" and "non-comm" WGBH had more money to spend that the "for profit" media organizations.

Looks like employees at 'GBH are getting hit by the recession as well...

WGBH Asking for Cuts as Contract Talks with Largest Union Begin
Cost savings part of broader overhaul sought by broadcaster

WGBH’s proposed changes reflect ever-increasing pressure on on public broadcasters as sponsorships, donations, and endowments have declined in the down economy. Last year, for example, WGBH cut about two dozen jobs, and implemented wage freezes and unpaid furloughs to reduce costs. Its endowment has fallen from $50 million last year to $28 million. WGBH had 170,000 members this year, on par with last year’s membership.

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