Thursday, July 15, 2010


WBIX to flip from business to Catholic programming

The beleagured 1060AM in Boston has had a checkered past with many formats and many call letters. Even it's existence as a "business station" has had a few colorful pages in the family photo album.

It is now being sold to a Catholic broadcasting group (not the Church itself), that will fill the programming schedule with programming from EWTN, Vatican Radio and a few other sources.

Here is the Globe's coverage of the sale:

WBIX is sold to Catholic broadcasting group
Station once owned by investor convicted of fraud will drop financial news format

To get an idea of what Holy Family Communications programs on it's other stations, you can look at the schedule for their station (WLOF) in Buffalo. You can see that most, if not all of the programs are from somewhere else (not produced by Holy Family themselves).

WBIX (to become WQOM) has a pretty good signal during the day. night they can be a tougher catch.

The people at WBNW must be happy, this leaves them as the sole business formatted station in the Boston area.

The people at Salem's WEZE and WROL must be a tad worried, as most of the listeners to those stations are Catholic. (And WROL airs a good amount of Irish and Catholic programming.)

(Aside: Can anyone recite all the call letters and formats that occupied 1060AM?)

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