Monday, July 19, 2010


Severin under attack from the Globe?

The Globe's Scott Lehigh takes another whack at WTKK's Jay Severin....

Jay Watch: Bombs away

A well reasoned Globe opinion piece about a delusional buffoon that has lied about his credentials and pollutes the airwaves with hatred on a daily basis. Perhaps his station should consider more than a mere suspension and half-hearted apology this time around.
A knee-jerk reaction by a nutcake blogger from the North Shore who can't see anything in the world outside of his own political agenda.

Get a life.
Just wondering, Anonymous, but was your last comment directed at Jay Severin? If so, I heartily agree. was was about you and your crappy little blog....

Why don't you stay on that, and don't stink up other sites with your poltitics?
My mistake Anonymous. It seemed to describe Severin so well that I thought it must have been about him.

In any event, I thought the comment section of this blog was to comment on blog entries and that is exactly what I did. Why don't you comment on the blog entry rather than simply commenting on my comments?
Why don't you stop bringing your politcal agenda here...and go back to your own crummy blog.

Since no one comes there to see hear your have to go elsewhere to stink up the place?
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