Friday, July 23, 2010


EX-WRKO host Reese Hopkins has been behind bars.....

Ex-WRKO host Reese Hopkins has been sitting in prison for a couple of years, without being tried or convicted. He has been trying to prove his innocence.

CNN's Rick Sanchez has looked into some of the problems with this case.

Since that interview (just this past week) charges have been filed in a second assault.

Ex-WRKO Reese Hopkins Host Charged in 2nd Assault

2 years in jail without being tried or convicted?

Remember Roman Polanski has been tried and convicted, and he's still produced movies and enjoyed the breezes from his chalet.

To recap, Reese has been in jail for 2 years, with no proof or adjudication so far. Meanwhile, Sanchez has admitted to killing a young man while driving drunk in the parking lot of a Dolphins game while working as an anchor at Ch. 7 in Miami and hasn't served a day. Does this strike anyone else as rotten?
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