Tuesday, June 29, 2010


WAAF Morning Man celebrates 20 years....

Never quite know what to make of Worcester station WAAF. They've certainly had a few bright moments in the sun over the years...but what to make of them these days? Who knows!

Greg Hill Celebrates 20 Years At WAAF

So one Christmas I dressed up as Santa and went out and just randomly started handing out $10,000 in $100 bills. The story grew to the point where I was handing people notes saying, "Yes Massachusetts, there is a Santa Claus." To me that was a win for radio in general, because when we had a press conference to unveil the morning drive disc jockey as Secret Santa, they all had to cover it and they all hated it!

I think the PUBLIC hated it too! When they realized it was just another commercialization of Christmas. A commercial entity just trying to buy publicity and using "charity" as a ruse to do so.

I think this promotion left the people of Boston with a bad taste in their mouth about how self-centered radio can be.

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