Thursday, May 20, 2010


Jackie Ankeles out at North Shore 104.9

It's a station licensed to Gloucester and based in Beverly that used to have
a one-man classical operation; then it was swing and finally, most recently, a blend
of "good time (pop) favorites" and Red Sox baseball. The station is WBOQ FM 104.9
(its call letters a throwback to the classical days--W-Bach) and for 22 years they have
had the North Shore's Jackie Ankeles as an announcer.

But now the station has dropped her, according to a letter Ankeles wrote to the Salem News. She says it was so
sudden she didn't have a chance to say goodbye to her listeners. Here's hoping Jackie
lands on her feet elsewhere in local radio.

Ankeles writes: "This week I was informed that due to changes in the radio industry and in the direction of the station, my daily midday program was being cancelled — effective immediately. Of course I am extremely sad and, frankly, quite lost at this point. It's hard to believe that after announcing three different formats at the same station over the years (first classical, then jazz, then oldies), that I will no longer be on the airwaves. I started at the station in 1988 when Gloucester legend Simon Geller sold WVCA to WBOQ, which subsequently turned it into a commercial enterprise. So it's been a long and wonderful musical journey for me, going from announcing Beethoven symphonies to The Beach Boys all under one roof."

Just another case of Big Business not knowing what their doing. My wife and myself moved to Peabody 2 years ago and started listening to you instead of WODS that we had in Everett.We enjoyed your broadcast greatly. We had the pleasure of meeting you at an oldies concert at North Shore. We also did business with your husband solely because you seemed like such a pleasant person. We no longer listen to WBOQ. They have lost all their personality since you left. Good luck to you in you future endeavors. Al and Marylou
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