Friday, April 16, 2010


WRKO suspends talk show host Carr

This just in...

WRKO suspends talk show host Carr
Julie Kahn, vice president and marketing manager for Entercom Boston, which owns the station, said Carr’s behavior toward his employer has become increasingly caustic and intolerable.

‘‘His behavior and his anger at the company is unacceptable because he denigrates the company, the medium, the station, the signal, and he’s a highly, highly, highly paid employee,’’ she said.

He's a jerk I hoe the Herald Enquirer does the same.
Really? Why don't you just let him go then? Many of us LOVE Howie and want him happy. Just let him go!!!!
Wouldn't you be angry?
Well... is this the private sector he so loves. Phony beyond words living in Wellesley and using the blue collar worker as his way of getting reactions.
Lynnrockets, why do you come to non-politcal forums and start a stink.

You have your own blog, stay there and smell up the place as much as you want.
you can comment on the story (which doesn't involve politics) without leaving stupid "hit and run" comments such as: "He's a jerk" which adds nothing to the conversation.

If you can take one-step away from your ego-driven world, you will see that the world doesn't revolve around your simple and ignorant opinions.

Good luck!
@lynnrockets....your an idiot.
@ Anonymous

No more facts huh? So do you admit you lost the argument? All I did was comment upon the story.
The facts are: You're an idiot!

r we done w/ lynnrockets?

i hope so
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