Wednesday, March 03, 2010


RIP: Don Kent.....

Longtime WBZ Radio & TV weatherman Don Kent passed away. At one time he was the most popular weatherman in Boston...and had the longevity that few have had. He was always a friendly and genial fellow.

WBZ had this story...

Don Kent, Legendary WBZ Weatherman, Dies At 92

They also had a slideshow as well.

Remembering Don Kent

(If you notice in one of the pictures, he is standing before a microphone flag that says WLAW, which was the original 680AM that started in Lawrence before RKO General purchased them. I didn't realize he had worked at WLAW. Did you?)

Oh, and Don is on the WBZ Blooper reel as well. You can find him with some technical issues at about 4:57.....or watch the whole thing for a laugh.

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