Friday, February 05, 2010


Larry Justice anyone....?

Many folks remember Larry Justice from WBZ, WROR, among other stations.

Where is he now? Apparently selling Real Estate in Florida!

Larry Justice Realtor

(Get a load of the picture on the page of Larry at the Beatles press conference!)

....on another note, someone sent me some information about Larry from when he was in Washington at WPGC. Take a look at this! Larry did a promotion at WPGC where he "took over" the radio station. Here's the aircheck.

Hello and thank you for the nice spot on your blog.

We were very blessed to be on-the-air during the most exciting and creative period of radio...the 60's-70's & 80's. Starting at WMEX-the home of "The Good Guys" in early mid 60's then WBZ as we re-invented radio in the 70's and WROR-FM in the 80's.

We then made the transition from "air-personality" to "owner/operator" and brought big-time fun radio to smaller markets. When the BEAN-COUNTERS (who had no clue how to run a radio station) took over the lending to operators and KILLED creative, live, locally involved radio....we sold and retired. We now enjoy life buying and selling Real Estate and playing golf here in PARADISE, Naples, Florida. Dave Maynard and I are the last living members of the GREAT WBZ Era.

Once again, thank you for remembering,

Larry Justice
"The Halls Of Justice"
I remember Larry from his WBZ days. At the end of every show he would say, "Well it's time to mowsy on over to the couch now and have some milk and cookies."
Dick Summer is still with us.
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