Thursday, February 11, 2010


Entercom CEO pays a visit to WRKO, WEEI......

The Herald's Jessica Heslam has this story about Entercom CEO David Fields coming to the market for a visit and meeting with staffers.

Boston radio station cuts feared

Will Entercom CEO broadcast bad news to WEEI, WRKO?

Could it be more layoffs? Could it be new strategy session since new competitor WBZ-FM ("The Sports Hub") entered the fray? Could it be about the soon to be appearance of Clear Channels soon-to-be talk formated 1200 AM, and the hijacking of shows like Coast to Coast AM, and possibly Rush Limbaugh?


Noticed Coast to Coast tonight before 2 am on AM 1200. For a sec thought it was
an informercial but there was George's voice, etc.--plus I tuned to 1180 WHAM
and they were running the same thing.

At top of hour, ID "WKOX Newton Boston's new home for Coast to Coast". All PSAs
till show started again,
and one mention of "WKOX Newton". Calls will change eventually. Mark S was
tuning in and heard
mention of the new Boston station

Signal recep on 62 in Middleton and Danvers: 8 out of 10, sometimes 7 out of 10
Herald says the all-staff meeting was cancelled but some ad staff did meet with him
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