Thursday, February 25, 2010


Red Eye radio on WRKO....part time

Note: See update below

When WRKO AM 680 got the word that Premiere/Clear Channel was taking away most of its shows (they still have Rush, for now) so they could be sent to CC's WKOX AM 1200,
they had to find a replacement for "Coast to Coast" (which is already on AM 1200).
They opted for Howie Carr reruns--for one week. Then on Feb. 15, "Red Eye Radio
With Doug McIntyre" premiered; a show carried by stations in NYC, L.A., and Portland, OR. But a week later it was back to Howie re-runs.

Nobody seems to have told McIntyre yet, as his website still lists WRKO as an affiliate, and he was heard mentioning WRKO as an affiliate on his show on early
Thursday morning. But for now at least, WRKO is back to 10-hour-delayed Howie and
listeners are wondering why McIntyre's show was on for such a brief time. Whether
it will be back, who knows.

McIntyre's site lists WNTK in New London NH
as an affiliate, and WABC 770 in New York can be picked up fairly well here in
New England (as of now the WNTK site still lists Joey Reynolds as being in the slot). But will Red Eye Radio fly again on WRKO, or elsewhere? For the record,
the show is syndicated by Citadel, whose John Batchelor show currently airs
10 pm - 1 am on WTKK. "96.9 Boston Talks" currently airs Talk Radio Network's
Phil Hendrie in the 1 a.m. slot; perhaps Citadel could try to turn to WTKK
as a future Boston affiliate, if they don't mind losing the many-voiced Hendrie...

UPDATE 3/1/10: Maybe Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio isn't off WRKO after all. It sounded like it was on last night (Sun night)
and the WRKO sched says it'll be on Wed, Thu, and Fri nights while Howie reruns will be on Mon and Tue nights. As it turns out I heard Avi Nelson say on his Sat show that he would be in for Howie on Wed, Thu, and Fri of this week. So apparently WRKO will carry Red Eye on weekends plus when Howie is off they will carry Red Eye instead of the Carr show rerun...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


WBUR's Radio Boston goes daily.....

They say that competition is good for the consumer.

Now that WBUR and WGBH are going head-to-head, WBUR has added more "localness" to it's lineup with the daily edition of the previously once-a-week program, Radio Boston.

Radio Boston goes daily; 'BUR-'GBH heats up

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Entercom CEO pays a visit to WRKO, WEEI......

The Herald's Jessica Heslam has this story about Entercom CEO David Fields coming to the market for a visit and meeting with staffers.

Boston radio station cuts feared

Will Entercom CEO broadcast bad news to WEEI, WRKO?

Could it be more layoffs? Could it be new strategy session since new competitor WBZ-FM ("The Sports Hub") entered the fray? Could it be about the soon to be appearance of Clear Channels soon-to-be talk formated 1200 AM, and the hijacking of shows like Coast to Coast AM, and possibly Rush Limbaugh?


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


WBUR & WGBH battle it out...politely. ;-)

The recent change of WGBH to a news & information format places it directly against long established WBUR.

Boston Magazine had this story about the stations.

A Very Civil War - WGBH - WBUR - Boston public radio stations - Jon Abbott - Paul La Camera

Thanks to a series of moves late last year by public broadcasting giant WGBH, the Hub is now home to two all-talk public radio stations. Let the battle for the hearts and minds of tweedy, tote bag–loving Bostonians begin.


WRKO drops Coast to Coast for Howie re-runs, show moves to 1200

After running Coast to Coast for many years, WRKO AM 680 has dropped it (shown: host George Noory) in favor of re-runs of Howie Carr, weeknights from 1 to 5 am. This may have to do with the fact that CTC's syndicator, Premiere, is allied with Clear Channel, owners of the new WXKS AM 1200 which will debut in April. It stands to reason that WXKS will "clear" Premiere shows like Coast to Coast, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity on its new talk station. Premiere's Rush Limbaugh is run
on WRKO but eventually could find its way to the new AM 1200, too.

Coast to Coast has also gotten dropped from WABC in New York,
in favor of the new syndicated Doug McIntyre show.

The conspiracy theory/paranormal talk CTC is known for (including its weekend versions with original host Art Bell) may still be found on various other stations across the nation.

Glenn Beck may be gone from WRKO, too; he is still listed on "Weekend Shows" but the lineup for next Sat lists "Rusty Humphries" in the Sat night slot that had been best of Beck

UPDATE: On Feb 12, 2010, Coast to Coast began airing on what is now WKOX AM 1200
(the calls will switch to WXKS eventually). They have a station ID saying "WKOX
Newton, Boston's new home for Coast to Coast". For now the top of hour is a bunch of public service announcements rather than a newscast.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Pirate radio looking for interns....

Many of us have been surprised by the brazenness of the local pirate operators.

They ignore FCC rules, the solicit sponsorships, host concerts and events, interview local politicians, they don't respond to FCC notices, etc.

Here is an ad for 102.9FM "Choice FM" on Craiglist looking for interns. On this add they proudly proclaim that they are running well over legal power for a Part 15 broadcaster.

Wouldn't this admission of 2010 watts be enough for the FCC to shut them down?

Choice 102.9 FM Radio Intern (Boston)

Friday, February 05, 2010


Larry Justice anyone....?

Many folks remember Larry Justice from WBZ, WROR, among other stations.

Where is he now? Apparently selling Real Estate in Florida!

Larry Justice Realtor

(Get a load of the picture on the page of Larry at the Beatles press conference!)

....on another note, someone sent me some information about Larry from when he was in Washington at WPGC. Take a look at this! Larry did a promotion at WPGC where he "took over" the radio station. Here's the aircheck.

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