Thursday, January 14, 2010


News Talk 1200 to launch in April

Clear Channel has announced that WKOX AM 1200 will become "News Talk 1200 WXKS" in April. They hope to feature talk hosts from the Premiere syndicator that is part of Clear Channel, including Glenn Beck (now heard in a "best of" Saturday nights on WRKO), Sean Hannity, and even perhaps Rush Limbaugh when El Rushbo's contract with WRKO expires. There also will be local talk hosts and a news department.

The station had been progressive talk from April 2004 until December of 2006 when it flipped to Spanish "Rumba". Rumors of a flip back to talk, primarily conservative, have
been around for a long time and now are confirmed. The station now has a stronger signal, with a tower in Newton; it has 50,000 watts like WRKO but RKO AM 680 is lower on the dial (with a tower in Burlington) and is generally easier to get.

Beck? Limbaugh? Hannity? I'll be skipping that station.
>>Beck? Limbaugh? Hannity? I'll be skipping that station.

What a surprise from someone with "a Liberal slant".
Time will tell if progressive talkers eventually match the ratings of those three hosts, who are currently the #1, 2, and 3 most listened to (for political talk) nationwide.
Problem is, there isn't a single college degree between Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh. Only the dumb die dumb.
Nor do Larry King, Ed Schultz or Stephanie Miller have degrees.

I guess they are only dumb die dumb liberals, huh?
Oh, yes, Lynnrockets...what would we do without all those smart Democrats telling us what to do...

Typically Liberal elite!

Scott Brown!
I have a college degree and make $50k a yr, a lot less than those people. Yes those on the left can fret about people like Rush and Hannity making so much money but drama queen Keith Olbermann does pretty well himself. Michael Moore, too.

Capitalism....what a drag. By rights I guess we should all be equal, and Olby, Rush, and I should all be driving a crappy car and surviving by eating Ramen noodles...
**Larry king is not a liberal.**

He is a card carrying Liberal! Please get your facts straight!

The other two "attended", but I dont think they have a degree.

**First of all, I never extolled the virtues of...*

Did anyone here extol the virtues of Limbaugh, et al? Only insofar as they get under your skin, then they've done their job!

It isn't enough to say that WRKO-AM has a technical advantage merely because it's on a lower frequency. The WKOX setup consists of apparently three towers that are 199-feet tall, not very efficient. From a block or two away, they're obscured in the summer by surrounding trees! Just this past week, when I was downtown, I caught a couple of English-language PSAs on WKOX, and the signal was not very impressive. This was at night, and I could also pick up WPHT-AM 1210 in Philadelphia. Under the same circumstances, WRKO obliterates the 690 in Montreal.
good information..thanks
CC has registered, a sign that Rush may be heading there soon enough (and off WRKO). Unless it's for their WOAI 1200
in San Antonio?
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