Wednesday, December 30, 2009


WCRB to WGBH & All Classical 99.5....

A lot of interest has been generated by the purchase of WCRB by the WGBH organization.

turns into a listener supported All-Classical station. WGBH-FM 89.7 turns into an NPR style news and talk station.

Here is a recap of the articles that were published befoire during and after the transition.

Anticipating what it will mean to the radio dial:
11/18/09: ’GBH takeover of ’CRB alters more than letters

A Harvard blogger offers these thoughts on the future of WGBH and public radio.11/25/09: WGBH and public radio’s future

Classical music fans over at the Boston Musical Intelligencer reported that the new WCRB will no longer broadcast the BSO's Friday afternoon concerts.
12/10/09: WGBH to Discontinue BSO Friday Afternoon Broadcasts

The folks over at Mass High Tech chronicle the many innovations from WCRB over the years:
12/9/09: WCRB sale to WGBH marks end of broadcast innovator

Over at the Globe, Jeremy Eichler writes about the disappearance of Classical Music from the radio dial. (Besides a throwaway line about HD Radio, Jeremy doesn't seem to know how easy it is to pick up WGBH's HD3 channel, which rebroadcasts WCRB's programming to an even wider audience.
12/18/09: A new WCRB, and a shrinking classical dial

And saving the best for last ;-) the inimitable Alex Beam from the Globe had these thoughts:
12/18/09: Gentlemen, start your pledge drives

I think that it is sad that the debate about WGBH and WCRB among the music listeners needs to be hashed out at

We in the New York City Metropolitan Area have been going through the same thing with the WNYC take over of WQXR.

But we are priviledged to be able to do it on our own WQXR comment pages.
Perhaps because New Yorkers wouldn't put up with Castroesque propaganda. I was always taught that ignorance only became stupidity when one chose to remain ignorant. Ironic that our "educational" media don't seem to have enough confidence in the positions they espouse to allow the "balance" they claim to seek.
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