Wednesday, December 30, 2009


WCRB to WGBH & All Classical 99.5....

A lot of interest has been generated by the purchase of WCRB by the WGBH organization.

turns into a listener supported All-Classical station. WGBH-FM 89.7 turns into an NPR style news and talk station.

Here is a recap of the articles that were published befoire during and after the transition.

Anticipating what it will mean to the radio dial:
11/18/09: ’GBH takeover of ’CRB alters more than letters

A Harvard blogger offers these thoughts on the future of WGBH and public radio.11/25/09: WGBH and public radio’s future

Classical music fans over at the Boston Musical Intelligencer reported that the new WCRB will no longer broadcast the BSO's Friday afternoon concerts.
12/10/09: WGBH to Discontinue BSO Friday Afternoon Broadcasts

The folks over at Mass High Tech chronicle the many innovations from WCRB over the years:
12/9/09: WCRB sale to WGBH marks end of broadcast innovator

Over at the Globe, Jeremy Eichler writes about the disappearance of Classical Music from the radio dial. (Besides a throwaway line about HD Radio, Jeremy doesn't seem to know how easy it is to pick up WGBH's HD3 channel, which rebroadcasts WCRB's programming to an even wider audience.
12/18/09: A new WCRB, and a shrinking classical dial

And saving the best for last ;-) the inimitable Alex Beam from the Globe had these thoughts:
12/18/09: Gentlemen, start your pledge drives

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


WBZ-TV gets you in the Christmas spirit...?

Let me know if this works for you... ;-)

The WBZ Players present "Let it Snow"!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


WHAV's Ed Johnson honored.....

WHAV was a 1KW station serving Haverhill with news and other local-yokel stuff. It has now morphed into a Spanish station. However, there are a few folks who have kept the flame of WHAV alive as an internet station It is also available on local cable channels in the Merrimack Valley, and as a low-power station (Part 15?) in downtown Haverhill at 1640AM.

I think I recall Tom Bergeron talking about how helpful Ed Johnson was to his early career. It's nice to see that one of the "nice guys" in the business is remembered.

Station to Honor Long-Time Employee

The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune had this story:

WHAV plaque honors longtime announcer Edwin Johnson

I congratulate the efforts put behind keeping WHAV alive on the internet and elsewhere as However, I think the operators of have to understand how people listen today. occasionally has special programs, talk shows, but they are at odd times. Nowadays, people want to hear something when they want to hear it. While the music stream can continue day and night...special programming has to be available "on-demand" a stream or a podcast.

If I go to the website and see Jack Bevelaqua hosts the popular Open Mike Show" this day and age, no one is going to wait until "Tuesday at 6:30" to hear the program. When they ran a recent special on the history of WHAV...same thing. And if they are available "on-demand", they have to be EASY to find!

Great effort, but don't run an online station like a regular radio station.

On demand streaming of special programs and podcasts are the name of the game!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Curtis Sliwa national show soon to end

In September of 2008 we told you that WTKK had hired Curtis Sliwa to be a weeknight host. Soon afterward, other stations picked him up, too, and soon it was a national show. But it will shortly be off the air. (Though he has now signed to do a show
for WNYM in New York)

Citadel/ABC pulled him off WABC this week, replacing him with John Batchelor who, for now, will be heard seven nights a week (soon to be six). For now Curtis' show continues on his affiliates like WTKK 96.9 but it will probably end around December 11. Citadel is offering the Batchelor show to affiliates; for now we have not heard if WTKK will pick it up or not but we suppose they will.

Sliwa's show focused on news and popular culture (movie reviews, celebrities, trends). It has been reported that he will start a show on WNYM (AM970) in the New York City area
on January 11, mornings, according to
North East Radio Watch

UPDATE: The show did indeed end with its Dec. 11 broadcast. At the start of the show WTKK ran a promo for the John Batchelor show which takes its place on Monday,
Dec. 14.

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