Saturday, November 07, 2009


WGBH plans to drop blues, folk

According to the Globe and the WGBH site, WGBH-FM 89.7 plans to drop its weekly blues show and some of its folk programming (though A Celtic Sojourn and Prairie
Home Companion will stay). This will happen should the FCC approve the sale of
WCRB-FM 99.5 to them.

By next month, WCRB could be running non-commercial classical music overseen by
WGBH, and 89.7 would focus on news and talk.

Blues and folk have been parts of the WGBH lineup for years. The late Mai Cramer
hosted "Blues After Hours" for over a quarter century (Brendan Hogan has done it
more recently). WGBH is telling its listeners they have other alternatives
if they still wish to hear blues or folk, and it was a "difficult decision"

Sad indeed to lose a fine tradition of blues broadcasting. A bit odd too, considering tha 'BUR broadcasts salsa music on Saturday nights. Is 'GBH going for the weekend news junkie demographic? They are certainly out there. What's odd about 'BUR's salsa programming is how they (unlike 'GBH) never mention it during the week or during fundraisers. It's as if it doesn't exist. Blues on 'GBH is/was an institution and good for fundraising. Salsa has always been a bit of a mystery on 90.9.

Looking forward to the new WCRB!
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