Tuesday, November 17, 2009


WCRB - WGBH Changes due 12/1......

Looks like the date for WGBH to take ownership of WCRB is 12/1.

FCC approves WGBH purchase of radio station

Kind of quiet for such a big change.

WGBH-FM loses their daytime music programming in favor of news/talk/information. (Has anyone heard what the lineup will be? Hasn't WBUR locked up the best NPR programs? Will WGBH start with any local programs right off the bat? I mean it's TWO weeks away!)

I assume WCRB without commercials will play longer peices of music, and move away from the partial "movements" that made WCRB so sucessful. Have they announced any plans or who will be on the air? Will WCRB staffers like Laura Carlo be on the new incarnation of WCRB?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Interesting note. As bad as WCRB has been struggling over the last few years (especially with the sub par signal of 99.5's Lowell transmitter), it's ratings are still heads and tails above WGBH-FM's ratings.)

Lineup can be found for both stations at the WGBH site; look for schedule, then "show entire week" and enter in a week in December. On WGBH the daytime lineup where classical was will feature some shows duplicated on WBUR. Saturdays, the likes of "Says You!" and some syndicated jazz replace the blues show, etc.
Some WCRB announcers like Laura Carlo will stay on 99.5. Supposedly the Fri. afternoon BSO broadcast is gone.
Try this:

What about Knisely?

Why isn't he being brought over to 99.5?

Also, why don't they bring Christopher Liedon to Gthe news/talk GBH?

That would be a coup!
Christopher Lydon on 'GBH? There's a better chance of hearing Don Imus on 'GBH before you'd hear Mr. Lydon.
...and why is that?

GBH wants new listeners. He was the most engaging host in the history of public radio in Boston.
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