Thursday, November 19, 2009


Globe writes about WWZN, prog talk

Today's Boston Globe has a story about the efforts of Jeff Santos and others at WWZN 1510 in bringing progressive talk back.

Clear Channel's WKOX and WXKS had hosts from Air America and Jones from October of 2004 till December of 2006, before the format changed. A very "blue" area had little or no progressive talk until February of this year, when it started to make its way (via brokered time) onto AM 1510. Thus, listeners didn't have to get satellite radio or pick up some shows at night via "skywave" from stations like WWKB in Buffalo.

This is not the only left-leaning place on the dial, though; some say that Eagan and Braude on WTKK, Steve Leveille on WBZ, and others also express left-of-center viewpoints.

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