Friday, October 02, 2009


Manchester: So long Ed Brouder.....

It's always disheartening when radio loses a good talent for some silly reason, or no reason at all.

I'm not sure what the reason, but Ed Brouder will no longer be doing news at WZID/WFEA.

Everyone who knows Ed knows him to be a talented radio pro, and a gentlemen...which is something we need more of in this business.

Here are some comments in the Manchester Union Leader about Ed (along with another newsman being lost in NH due to retirement).

Two Fine Newsmen: Manchester Will Miss Them

Not retiring but no longer a radio voice for news and information in Manchester is Ed Brouder, who has left WZID and WFEA after 17 years and is teaching communication classes at Hesser College.

Brouder could teach his students volumes by just recounting his career to date, but he is too modest for that. In addition to providing local news summaries in the early morning hours, he found time to write several books, including histories of radio in New Hampshire and of the Manchester airport. He has also devoted countless hours to worthy causes, from Red Cross blood drives to the annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethons.

Radio news is not what it used to be in Manchester, where three stations at one time fielded local reporters. Ed Brouder did an admirable job of trying to fill that gap. He will be missed in that role.

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