Sunday, October 18, 2009


Kopper's FreeformBCN has big plans

This Boston Herald article says that former WBCN DJ Sam Kopper is running FreeformBCN on HD radio (a WZLX-HD signal) and online...for now it's automated but there are plans to bring back some vintage WBCN names. And News Dissector Danny
Schecter is already doing some left-leaning political commentary.

The station offers freeform and freewheeling rock of the past and more recent times. WBCN left us in August but this is in the spirit of the original "Rock Of Boston".
“We are bringing back the musical, the sociopolitical, the radio technique of the great days of progressive rock radio - the great days of ’BCN, ’68 through the ’70s,"
says Kopper.

Wow...looks like HD radio is coming along. Slowly, but coming along....
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